Breaking The Barriers Between Sustainability And Design: Duralex Redesign

Breaking the barriers between design and sustainability

As a Graphic Designer often have to not only think about the aesthetic of the design but also the functionality. Especially in packaging design. Balancing between aesthetics and functionality can be easily solve through trial and error. But the most challenging was part for me was to break the barriers between sustainability and design. In my recent breakable glass redesign, I had to find a solution to achieve a brand’s aesthetics and materiality.

  • Breaking the barriers between design and sustainability
  • Breaking the barriers between design and sustainability
  • Breaking the barriers between design and sustainability

Duralex specializes in manufacturing tempered glassware and tabletop and is known for its durability. The purpose of the packaging redesign is to reflect its unique selling point. The design objective is to produce a rigid structure along with minimal yet illustrative graphics that can inform the target audience the products inside the packaging.

Illustrations were inspired by the Caprice Expresso Mugs with the addition of the bold colors intended to build depth to the graphics. Moreover, the simplicity of the designs and the choice of materiality were decided based on the affordability and functionality that Duralex intended to offer. The materials used, micro-flute does not only served as a place holder for the glasses to be transported. They are also 100% recycled fiber and can later be repurposed.

The packaging really takes into consideration of the production costs of the product. Its functionality of securely package the glass with 2 lock tabs of each ends. Moreover, it take into consideration of consumers carrying the packaging. This is shown by the 2 die cuts on the top to provide consumers a better grip of the packaging. 

The minimal graphics clearly inform the consumers the information about the product in an easy way without overcrowding informations. The printing method is silk screen printing which cut down the cost of production. I really wanted to showcase the material to encourage conscious choice of materiality. Therefore, the decision of keeping the illustrations simple and effortless design.

This particular project was the first time I’ve broke the barriers between sustainability and designs. It really pin point my journey on starting this blog and explore designs and sustainability, which is a subject worth exploring.

The project was also featured on Packaging Of The World ! Are there any sustainable packaging design that inspired you? Comment below and share your inspirations! Check out my process if you’re interested.

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