4 Upcoming Sustainable Packaging Exhibitions You Should Be Attending

Sustainable exhibitions you should know

Exhibitions is a great way to broaden your horizon on sustainable packaging. These exhibitions are held all over the world with numerous influential speakers that share their commitments to sustainable living as well as mindful designs. These are the 4 upcoming sustainable packaging exhibitions you should be attending.

1/Plastic Free World

Location: Frankfurt Messe, Germany/ When: 27-28 June 2019

A two-day conference with the purpose of reducing the consumption of plastic with sustainable alternative bio-based materials. Debates will be held with inspiring and leading speakers to discuss the latest sustainable researches.

2/Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit

Upcoming expo you should be attending
Source: Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit

Location: London, United Kingdom/ When: 11 July 2019

“The inaugural Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit will bring together the entire ecosystem, introducing innovative start-ups to brands needing greener packaging solutions and investors keen to learn more about this lucrative market.”

Sustainable Packaging Investment Summit

3/ FackPack

Location: Nuremberg, Germany/ When: 24-26 September 2019

A 3 days exhibition showcasing new trends, opportunities and perspective on sustainable packaging. Featuring new technology and developments in the packaging sectors.

“In a compact, three-day programme, the latest innovations and developments in the packaging sector take centre-stage and generate new ideas and projects for the future – because tomorrow begins when you create it.”


4/ Sustainability In Packaging Europe

Location: Barcelona, Spain/ When: 12-14 November 2019

With the main objective of increasing sustainability in the economy. Sustainability In Packaging Europe gathers key influencers and packaging supply chains to discuss sustainability.

Visiting exhibitions in different countries can not only update you on the new inventions and technology it has to offer but also educate you on how they practice sustainable living.

Have you heard or attended any of these exhibitions? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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