‘Good Plastic’ Is The New Sustainable Alternative To Ordinary Plastic

Good Plastic: New Technology

We all know that plastic does not have a good reputation in the sustainable packaging industry. But Eastman is about to change your perspective on plastic with their ‘Good Plastic’, The New Sustainable Alternative to Ordinary Plastic.

Plastic Alternative
Source: Eastman

Who are they ?

Eastman is an advanced technological company that specializes in innovating and manufacturing products for different market sectors. It has a strong stance in sustainability and believe that their products can be the solution to a sustainable planet.

“At Eastman, sustainability is about creating value. We believe a truly sustainable company is one that creates significantly more value in the world than the resources it uses.”


So ‘Good Plastic’ What is it ?

Eastman’s new invention, Eastman Trēva™ engineering bioplastic proposes to solve world’s plastic waste problem. In short, Trēva™ or as I refer to as ‘Good Plastic’ is a cellulose-based plastic that utilizes carbon renewal technology. This technology will allow the recycling of mixed plastic waste and polyester. Not to get all scientific but that is pretty life changing for cosmetic firms that depends on plastic packaging. Trēva™ is sourced from sustainably harvested trees, which gives the result of BPA-free bioplastic. As more brands are committing to sustainability, Eastman’s innovative products will not only reduce the impact on the environment by reusing the plastic. But also drive firms away from materials listed on Proposition 65.

  • Good Plastic, Plastic Alternative
  • Good Plastic, Plastic Alternative
  • Good Plastic, Plastic Alternative

“In addition to having over 40 percent of its content from biobased materials, Trēva enabled by carbon renewal technology will have a significant part of its remaining content derived from allocated certified recycled plastic.”


‘Good Plastic’ here means that plastics that have been repurpose and reuse through carbon renewal technology. Technology and innovation bring us one step closer to solve environmental problems. However, it is essential to use technology mindfully to prevent excessive production which can lead to excessive wastes. Rather than fixing the environmental problems, firms or corporations should focus on preventing them. This ‘Good Plastic’ is truly a new sustainable alternative to ordinary plastic

What do you think of this ‘Good Plastic’? Share your thoughts in the comment!

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