Conversation With A Tea Lover: Fresh Garden

A brief conversation with the blogger of Fresh Garden, Churu Huang on the tea culture, the process and her personal favorites. Tea can be associated with health and wellness as it contains compounds that benefit your overall health.

Tea Lover Interview
Source: Unsplash

“Brewing tea is a hassle, but some people do enjoy the process. It is definitely the culture.”

What are your favorite tea houses or places to drink tea in San Francisco?

Asha Tea House. I like matcha a lot. The tea quality is really good and the tea culture is really strong in that store. Stonemill Matcha and Samovar Tea House are also in my top 3.

What is the difference between loose tea leaf and tea bags?

The loose tea leaf is definitely much more expensive. Maybe because its for professional tea drinker or takes drinking tea more seriously. Tea bags are for busy people, drinking at home or anywhere

What is your personal tea making process?

It depends on what type of tea you’re drinking. For black tea and green tea, the processes are totally different. I like to drink green tea from tea bags that they sell in Japanese groceries stores. In China my family drink loose tea leaves. I know that is hard but they enjoy the process, it is definitely the culture.

How do you think about tea and wellness/ health?

We tea drinker don’t care about the benefits of drinking tea, Although they definitely good for you, especially green tea.

“Green tea is definitely good for your health. Personally I enjoy drinking tea not because of the health benefit. I drink it because I like the flavors.”

Have you visited in any tea farms ?

I have been to tea garden and mountains. You can pick the tea leaves during April.

What is the process of producing the tea?

I think for green tea first you have to pick the tea leaves. Then you’ll bring it to their factory they dry it and I’m not sure how they call it… mix it ? Afterwards, they hand roll it. The whole process is around 2 days and then you can drink it. It tastes better because its fresh!

Personally I also enjoy drinking green tea, I love the taste, flavors and the benefits. Try a cup of tea after reading this interview with my blog on 3 Must Try Tea Brands With Sustainable Packaging

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