3 Must Try Tea Brands With Sustainable Packaging

These are simply just beautifully designed packagings with the added bonus of sustainable packaging. 100% recyclable packaging is increasingly becoming a trend and these 3 must try tea brands with sustainable packaging are worth trying.

1. Dutch Harvest

Despite from having captivating illustrations on the packaging. The packaging material used was made from cellulose-based plastic withpaper derived from agricultural waste. The fun illustration of the barcode really catch the viewer’s eyes.

2. Whistle Blower Tea Co.

  • Sustainable Tea Packaging

With its modern take on packaging design, strongly focused on photography really intrigued the viewers to the packaging. From the carton, label, print collateral to the internal bags of the teas are made with sustainable materials.

“Wherever possible we sought out sustainable materials, with a compostable internal bag and 100% recyclable carton, label and print collateral.”

-Whistle Blower Tea Co.

3. Freeoclock

Hong-Kong based tea brand with its abstract packaging and 100% biodegradable tea bags.

  • Sustainable Tea Packaging

“The design could determine a state of mind. It can be vivid, bold, and strong but you know there is wild aggression in that being.”

– Freeoclock

These stunning sustainable packagings really incorporate practical and eco-friendly materials with well crafted design. Check out a short interview in the next post with a tea lover here!

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